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Monday, September 23, 2002


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Isacoff Named to Appellate Division; Kriegler Replaces Gutman in Valley


By a MetNews Staff Writer


Three Los Angeles Superior Court judges will exchange key posts on Oct. 7, as Paul Gutman returns downtown to a trial bench, Sandy R. Kriegler takes over for Gutman as supervising judge in Van Nuys, and Susan Isacoff moves to Kriegler’s spot in the Appellate Division.

Gutman said the shift was to accommodate his desire to return to trial work following his nearly two-year tenure as supervising judge of the Northwest District. It was sparked, he said, by the retirement of Judge Alban Niles and the need to replace him in Dept. 34 in the Stanley Mosk Courthouse downtown.

“I had been promised that as soon as I finished my stint here I could come back to a fast track department,” Gutman said.

Kriegler said he is pleased to return to the Northwest District, where he worked for 10 years.

“I have a lot of old friends out there and I grew up out there,” Kriegler said. “In fact, I went to Van Nuys High School just around the corner. So it’s like going home for me.”

He also said he looks forward to his new duties.

“I am looking forward to the challenge of supervising,” he said. “Van Nuys court has 43 courts, so it’s bigger than the entire court system of some states.”

The reassignments were made by Presiding Judge James Bascue, who also recommended Isacoff’s appointment to the Appellate Division. Chief Justice Ronald George makes Appellate Division appointments.

Isacoff will move to her new post from Dept. 80, also in the Mosk courthouse.

“I think she will be a terrific member of the appellate division,” Kriegler said of Isacoff. “She has a tremendous amount of experience in both criminal law and civil law, and she should fit right in as a member of the appellate division.”

“I’m excited,” said Isacoff of her move. “I’m looking forward to having a change, and having a different challenge. I consider it an honor.”

Michael C. Solner also is moving downtown, returning from Van Nuys to his old courtroom, Dept. 81. Solner will handle Dept. 80’s calendar as well.


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