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Wednesday, January 9, 2002


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Woman Arrested in 1997 by Rampart Officers Files Suit Alleging False Arrest, Fabricating of Evidence


By a MetNews Staff Writer


A woman arrested in a 1997 Rampart-area drug bust filed suit yesterday against the city, saying the police used excessive force, fabricated evidence and planted drugs on her.

Jackie Navarro, aka Jackie Perez, was arrested outside a hotel near 7th Street and Cambria in the Rampart district Nov. 7, 1997 for possession of cocaine base with intent to sell.  She pled nolo contendere to a reduced sentence of three years probation and 250 hours of community service.

Navarro’s complaint claims the arresting officers threatened and coerced Navarro into lying to receive a lighter sentence, knowing that she had two young daughters to care for. 

The complaint also said the police placed her in a dangerous situation for their own amusement and planted the cocaine base on her.

Navarro didn’t file a lawsuit at the time, because she was told that no one would believe her and she had no idea of the upcoming Rampart scandal, the complaint says.       

The statute of limitations period has expired, the complaint acknowledged, but Navarro’s attorneys said the action should be allowed on application of a theory of estoppel, due to the injustice being great and Navarro’s civil rights being violated. 

According to the complaint, the police report says Navarro exited the hotel the night of her arrest with two black film canisters containing cocaine base, which she then gave to two male Hispanic gang members who sold the drugs to a stopped car.


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