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Tuesday, November 19, 2002


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Jury Selection Begins in Case Against Former Attorney Angela Wallace


By a MetNews Staff Writer


Jury selection began yesterday in the prosecution of ex-lawyer Angela Wallace and her co-defendant, Timothy Mack, on charges of embezzlement, forgery and perjury.

It was a landmark day in the long-delayed trial of Wallace, who is accused of representing herself to two brothers as an active attorney when she had in fact resigned from the State Bar with charges pending, and of taking money that was left to the brothers in their mother’s insurance settlement.

The case has attracted wide media attention, in part because of the killing of the brothers, a crime which remains under investigation. Neither Wallace nor Mack have been accused in the killings.

Many members of the 50-person panel gasped or groaned when retired Los Angeles Municipal Court Judge Samuel Mayerson, sitting on assignment, told them the trial was expected to last 15 to 18 days—well past Thanksgiving and into December.

Even jury selection will be delayed due to a previous federal court commitment by Wallace’s attorney, Milton Grimes.

Deputy District Attorney Ronald Goudy gave the names of about two dozen people on his list of potential witnesses. Both defendants also gave notice of an intention to call a number of witnesses, although they did not present their full list in open court.

During a long afternoon of voir dire, Mayerson excused a number of panelists who said their jobs or their financial situation prevented their being in court for such a long time.

He excused a Children’s Hospital physician, based on the importance of the doctor’s work.

“By the law and by the jury commissioner I’m not supposed to do it, but I’m going to excuse you,” Mayerson said.

He also excused an actress and a student, among others, because they would not be paid for jury service by their employer.

“I’ve said I don’t think that people who are prepared to do their civic duty should have to pay for it out of their own pocket,” Mayerson said.

Jury selection is to continue Thursday.


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