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Monday, February 4, 2002


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Bascue Names Superior Court Judicial Committee Chairs


By NICK YULICO, Staff Writer


Chairs and members of the 23 Los Angeles Superior Court judicial committees have been appointed by Presiding Judge James A. Bascue.

All chairs serve one-year appointments that took effect January 25.

Judge Haley J. Fromholz, chair of the Arbitration/Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee for the past four years will continue in that post. The committee meets once a month to oversee and institute policies for the countywide arbitration programs to which approximately 25,000 general jurisdiction cases are referred each year.

Judge Gary Klausner was picked to chair the Automation (Technology) Committee, which discusses judicial technology matters; the Informal Complaints Re: Bench Officers Committee; which processes and determines courses of action for informal complaints about judges; and the Judicial Orientation and Continuing Education (Civil) Committee, which institutes training policies for new civil judges.

Judge Dan T. Oki will head the criminal side of the latter committee and will also head the Court Services/Sheriff Committee.

Judge Aurelio Munoz will chair the CALJIC Committee, which institutes policies on criminal jury instructions, and Judge Howard J. Schwab will chair the BAJI Committee, which handles civil jury instructions.

Judge Terry B. Friedman will chair the Legislation Committee, which keeps the court posted on new and pending legislation that effects its operation.

Judge Fred J. Fujioka, the new supervising judge of the mental health court, will provide input on issues effecting that court as chair of the Mental Health Committee.

Assistant Presiding Judge Robert A. Dukes will head the Planning and Research Committee.

Judge Dale Fischer, chair of the Temporary Judge Committee and the Traffic Committee since unification, will continue in those posts. The Temporary Judge Committee usually meets once a month to review and change the extensive training program for temporary judges appointed by Judge Bascue.

The Traffic Committee considers traffic issues relating to infractions, not misdemeanors, countywide and has worked to update online material to better assist the public in dealing with traffic violations, Fischer said.        

Judge Anita H. Dymant will continue as chair of Domestic Violence Committee, which reviews proposed state legislation on domestic violence and implements the changes accordingly, sending summary forms and other educational memos to the rest of the court.

Judge Sam Ohta will chair the Drinking Drivers Committee, which acts in the same fashion but on a different issue than the Domestic Violence Committee.

Judge Richard L. Fruin will assist in better educating the public as to the procedures of the court as chair of the Community Outreach Committee.

Judge Thomas W. Stoever will chair the Probate Committee. Judge Elihu M. Berle will chair the Rules Committee. Judge Fumiko H. Wasserman will chair the Access and Fairness Committee.

Judge Michael A. Tynan will chair the Drug Court Oversight Committee. Judge Victor E. Chavez will head the Historical Committee. Judge Gregory C. O’Brien will chair the Judicial Orientation Book Committee. Judge Michael Nash will chair the Juvenile Committee.


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