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Monday, October 28, 2002


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Disciplined Attorneys, Charges Listed


The attorneys disciplined by the State Bar follow.

Resignation With Charges Pending:

The following people are ineligible to practice law in the state of California (effective on the dates indicated) having voluntarily resigned as members of the state bar.  They tendered their resignations while a disciplinary investigation or proceeding was pending.  These disciplinary matters may be reopened if the attorney applies for reinstatement to the practice of law.

Donald Alan Carstens, Newport Beach, Oct. 20

Pamela Annette Hall, Los Angeles, Oct. 20

Martin Howard Rub, Sherman Oaks, Oct. 20


The following people have been suspended by the California Supreme Court, effective on the dates indicated.  All are ordered to comply with Rule 955 of the California Rules of Court, unless otherwise indicated.

Steven Howard Hertz, Costa Mesa, Oct. 10

Suspended pending passage of the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination as ordered by the California Supreme Court on Mar. 21, 2001. Not ordered to comply with Rule 955.

Jeannette Torrel Maginnis, Malibu, Oct. 20

Four year stayed suspension. Four year’s probation including two-year actual suspension and until proof of rehabilitation and fitness to practice law.  Must pass the MPRE during period of actual suspension.

Robert Neunuebel, Anaheim, Oct. 20

One-year stayed suspension. Thirty days’ actual suspension and two years’ probation. Ordered to pay restitution and must pass MPRE by Oct. 20, 2003.  Not ordered to comply with Rule 955.

Steven Paul Nieto, Whittier, Oct. 20

Ninety-day stayed suspension.  Two years’ probation, restitution, and required to pass MPRE. Not ordered to comply with Rule 955.

Thomas Howard Ravatt, Montebello, Oct. 20

Six month suspension stayed.  No actual suspension. Placed on two years’ probation and must pass MPRE by Oct. 20, 2003. Not ordered to comply with Rule 955.

Nancy Gardner Wanski, La Canada, Oct. 20

One-year suspension stayed.  Two years’ probation with conditions including passage of MPRE within one year, and attendance of two alcoholics anonymous meetings per month. Not ordered to comply with Rule 955.


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