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Monday, November 4, 2002


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Superior Court Releases List of Courtroom Reassignments in Wake of Budget Cuts


By a MetNews Staff Writer


Cases assigned to nearly three dozen closed Los Angeles Superior Court courtrooms have been redistributed, but in many cases lawyers and parties with matters pending in those departments won’t know where to report until they arrive at the courthouse.

The Superior Court on Thursday released the department numbers of the courtrooms to be closed as part of a budget-cutting process that included the layoff of nearly 100 employees and the loss of several bench officer positions.

In a chart made available on the court’s website at, and reproduced on this page, the court identified Depts. 7 and 44 in the Stanley Mosk Courthouse downtown, Divs. 31 and 43 at the Foltz Courthouse, also known as the Criminal Courts Building, and courtrooms in 21 other courthouses around the county for closure. Most closures become effective today.

In cases that have been moved to entirely different courthouses—criminal matters in Monrovia and South Gate, and custody criminal matters in Hollywood—the court has already notified lawyers, defendants and public agencies by mail, spokeswoman Pat Kelly said.

In civil cases, lawyers, litigants and others who have received no notice and have cases assigned to closed courtrooms are instructed to make their next scheduled appearances as planned.

“You should go to the courtroom where the case was last assigned,” the court advised in an Oct. 31 news release and on its website. “You should find a notice posted there directing you to the courtroom to which your case has been transferred.”



Central District




Case Type(s)

Div/Dept #

New Locations for Cases

Stanley Mosk

Ltd. Civil/Small Claims Civil

Div. 7

Cases will be reassigned at Mosk Courthouse.

(Formerly called Los Angeles




County Courthouse)


(effective 11/18/02)






Central Civil West

Civil Long Cause

Dept 312

Cases will be reassigned at Central Civil West.


Civil Long Cause

Dept 313



Civil Long Cause

Dept 316






Foltz Criminal Justice Center

1 Prelim/Prop 36

Div. 31

Cases will be reassigned at Foltz.

(Formerly called Criminal Courts

1 Preliminary Exam

Div. 43










East Los Angeles Courthouse

1 Traffic/ Small Claims

Div. 1

Cases will be reassigned to six remaining courtrooms at East Los Angeles.









Metropolitan Courthouse

1 Criminal Trials

Div. 62

Cases will be reassigned at Metropolitan.


1 Traffic Arraignment




1 Criminal Trials

Div. 73


Hollywood Courthouse

In-custody criminal


In-custody criminal cases reassigned to Central Arraignment Court.










Northeast District



Monrovia Courthouse

1 Criminal

Div. 1

All criminal matters transferred to Alhambra.

(Formerly called Santa Anita

1 Criminal

Div. 2











Southeast District



Downey Courthouse

1 Criminal/Limited Civil/


Cases to be reassigned at Downey. Downey also receives all criminal except Drug Court from South Gate.


Small Claims Appeals











Bellflower Courthouse

1 Traffic/Limited Civil/

Div. 2

Cases to be reassigned at Bellflower.

(Formerly called Los Cerritos

Small Claims Appeals











Whittier Courthouse

1 Traffic/Small Claims/

Div. 6

Cases to be reassigned at Whittier, which also receives Drug Court cases from South Gate.


Limited Civil











South Gate Courthouse

All criminal matters


All criminal matters, except Drug Court, at South Gate, in-custody and non-custody, reassigned to Downey. Drug Court cases reassigned to Whittier.


















West District



Santa Monica Courthouse

1 Small Claims

Dept. V

Cases to be reassigned at Santa Monica.


Appeals/General Civil







West Los Angeles Courthouse

1 Small Claims


Cases to be reassigned at West L.A.





Culver City Courthouse

1 Small Claims/Traffic

Div. 2

Cases to be reassigned at Culver City.





Beverly Hills Courthouse

1 Small Claims


Cases to be reassigned at Beverly Hills.





Airport Courthouse

1 Criminal

Div. 140

Cases to be reassigned at Airport.





Malibu (Friday AM)

1 Small Claims

Div. 5

Cases to be reassigned at Malibu.






East District



West Covina Courthouse

1 Small Claims


Cases to be reassigned at West Covina.





Pomona North Courthouse

1 Small Claims

Div. 6

Cases to be reassigned at Pomona.






North Valley District



Chatsworth Courthouse

1 Criminal/Limited Civil


Cases to be reassigned at Chatsworth.


1 Criminal








Northwest District



Van Nuys East Courthouse

1 General Civil


Cases to be reassigned at Van Nuys East or Van Nuys West.


1 General Civil




1 Small Claims

Div. 125






Van Nuys West Courthouse

1 Traffic

Div. 104



1 Criminal

Div. 111







Southwest District



Inglewood Courthouse

1 Small Claims

Div. 9

Cases to be reassigned at Inglewood.


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