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Thursday, September 19, 2002


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Los Angeles Superior Court Leaders Approve Plan for Budget Cuts


By a MetNews Staff Writer


The Los Angeles Superior Courtís Executive Committee yesterday adopted a framework for slashing the courtís budget that includes 150 additional layoffs by Nov. 1 and possible closure of 29 courtrooms.

Layoff notifications are due to go out the first week of October.

The proposal also contemplates replacing deputy sheriffs currently working in courthouse custody facilities with civilian custody assistants and what the court referred to in a news release as ďoperationally ineffectual lock-ups.Ē

Presiding Judge James Bascue said in the release that no specific decisions have yet been made about individual courtrooms that may be subject to closure or transfer of caseloads.

Bascue, Assistant Presiding Judge Robert Dukes and a subcommittee are to work with the courtís executive staff to make specific decisions regarding layoffs and closures.

The court last month already laid off 168 employees. Court leaders have said additional cuts are needed to address a $57.3 million deficit in the courtís budget for the current fiscal year.


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