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Friday, November 29, 2002


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Dukes Makes Few Changes in 2003 Superior Court Assignments


By ROBERT GREENE, Staff Writer


Los Angeles Superior Court Presiding Judge-elect Robert Dukes issued orders Wednesday that keep most of the court’s current judicial supervisors in place and make modest changes in management structure, adding a managing judge for complex cases, a supervising judge for traffic and an assistant supervising judge for misdemeanors.

Dukes appointed Judge Peter Lichtman to serve both as managing judge of complex litigation and as site judge for Central Civil West, where most complex cases are heard.

Sam Ohta, who has been serving as site judge in the Metropolitan Courthouse, will stay in place but take the new designation of supervising judge of Traffic.

New Assistant Post

In Criminal, there now will be two assistant presiding judge posts under Supervising Judge Dan T. Oki, with David Wesley retaining one and Carol Rehm Jr. taking the new post dedicated to misdemeanors.

In Writs and Receivers, Dukes is keeping David Yaffe and Dzintra Janavs, but giving Janavs the new designation of managing judge.

The two top civil department posts will be retained for now by judges hoping to leave for the federal bench.

Dukes confirmed that Carolyn Kuhl will supervise the criminal departments, with S. James Otero to back her up as assistant presiding judge. Kuhl has been nominated to the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Otero to the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.

At the time Dukes picked Kuhl to lead the civil departments it appeared that she would be staying in the Superior Court awhile despite her federal nomination because of opposition from Senate Democrats. But the November elections and next month’s Republican takeover of the Senate could put her nomination back in play.

The top civil post currently is held by R. Gary Klausner, who recently won confirmation to the district court.

In addition to Oki in Criminal, Dukes will keep Michael Nash as presiding judge of the Juvenile Court and Aviva Bobb as supervising judge in Family Law.

MacLaughlin Moves

Most supervising judges in the Superior Court’s geographic districts will remain in place as well. Assistant Presiding Judge-elect William MacLaughlin will move downtown from the North Valley District in San Fernando and will be succeeded by Judge Alice C. Hill.

The biggest change will be Sam Ohta’s elevation from site judge in the Metropolitan Courthouse to full-fledged supervising judge for Traffic.

Sandy Kriegler, who earlier this year became supervising judge of the Northwest District in Van Nuys, retains that post. Bradford I. Andrews succeeds Gary J. Ferrari as South District supervisor in Long Beach, and Eric Taylor takes over for Andrew Kauffman in the Southwest District in Torrance.

Staying put are Supervising Judges George Genesta in the Pomona-based East District, Steven Ogden in Lancaster’s North District, Mary Thornton House in both the North Central District in Burbank and the Northeast District in Pasadena, Chris Conway in the Norwalk-based Southeast District, Alan Haber in the West District in Santa Monica.

“Pretty much everyone who is going to move already has done so over the last few months,” Dukes said Monday. “We were not able to give everyone what they wanted. For one thing, there just aren’t as many places here in the Central District as there used to be.”

The court has eliminated several bench positions to cope with a budget deficit.

The assignments take effect on Jan. 2, 2003.



Judge Judith L. Champagne

West Covina Court


Judge Daniel S. Pratt

Supervising Judge Carolyn Kuhl

Judge William Chidsey Jr.

Site Judge Thomas C. Falls

Supervising Judge Sandy R. Kriegler

Judge Raul A. Sahagun

    (Dept. 1 Master Calendar)

Judge Maureen Duffy-Lewis

Judge Monica Bachner

Assistant Supervising Judge

Judge C. Robert Simpson


Judge Anita H. Dymant

Judge Daniel Buckley

Michael R. Hoff

Judge James M. Sutton, Jr.

Regular General Civil Pool

Judge Ruffo Espinosa

Judge Michael M. Duggan


Judge John A. Torribio

Judge Gregory Alarcon

Judge William F. Fahey

Judge Carol Williams Elswick

Van Nuys East

Commissioner William A. Allen

Judge Helen I. Bendix

Judge Larry P. Fidler

Judge Alan S. Kalkin

Judge Richard Adler

Commissioner Robert Axel

Judge Elihu M. Berle

Judge Dale S. Fischer

Judge Dorothy L. Shubin

Judge Ruth Essegian

Commissioner Michael Schuur

Judge Soussan G. Bruguera

Judge Hank M. Goldberg

Commissioner Harold J. Mulville

Judge Bert Glennon


Judge Susan Bryant-Deason

Judge Terry A. Green

Commissioner Phyllis Shibata

Judge Michael Harwin

Huntington Park

Judge Alan Buckner

Judge John D. Harris

Commissioner Nicholas Taubert

Judge James Kaddo

Site Judge Gilbert M. Lopez

Judge James C. Chalfant

Judge Marcelita Haynes


Judge Leon S. Kaplan

Judge Amy D. Hogue

Judge Victor E. Chavez

Judge David Horwitz

El Monte Court

Judge Gregory Keosian

Judge Steven Kleifielf

Judge Judith Chirlin

Judge Maral Injejikian

Site Judge Abraham Khan

Judge Richard George Kolostian

Judge Mary H. Stobel

Judge Lawrence W. Crispo

Judge Lance Ito

Judge Suzanne Person

Judge Sandy R. Kriegler

Commissioner Rita J. Baird

Judge J. Stephen Czuleger

Judge Barbara Johnson

Judge Steven Sanora

Judge Gregg Marcus


Judge Ralph W. Dau

Judge Michael Johnson

Judge Zaven V. Sinanian

Judge Stephen D. Petersen


Judge James R. Dunn

Judge Michael Kellogg

Judge Richard W. Van Dusen

Judge Susan M. Speer

Site Judge Cynthia Rayvis

Judge Emilie H. Elias

Judge Kathleen Kennedy-Powell

Commissioner Jose A. Rodriguez

Judge Stanley M. Weisberg

Judge Charles Q. Clay III

Judge Irving S. Feffer

Judge Ruth Ann Kwan


Judge Richard Wolfe

Judge Dennis J. Landin

Judge Edward Ferns

Judge George G. Lomeli


CommissionerJane Godfrey

Judge Ana Maria Luna

Judge Madeleine Flier

Judge Michael S. Luros

Supervising Judge

Commissioner Mina Fried

Commissioner Burt Barnett

Judge Kenneth Freeman

Judge Ronni B. MacLaren

Mary Thornton House

Commissioner Robert H. Mcintosh

Commissioner Ross M. Klein

Judge Haley J. Fromholz

Judge Stephen A. Marcus

Assistant Supervising Judge

Commissioner Patricia G. Schwartz


Judge Richard Fruin

Judge David S. Milton

Teri Schwartz

Commissioner Mark A. Weiss


Judge Hugh C. Gardner III

Judge David M. Mintz



Site Judge Leland H. Tipton

Judge Carol Boas Goodson

Judge Mark Mooney

Burbank Court

Van Nuys West

Judge Lyle M. MacKenzie

Judge Elizabeth A. Grimes

Judge Michael E. Pastor

Sute Judge Robert J. Sandoval

Site Judge Michael R. Hoff

Judge Lauren Weiss

Judge Paul Gutman

Judge Robert J. Perry

Judge Chesley McKay

Judge Leslie A. Dunn

Commissioner Edward H. Drayer

Judge Ray L. Hart

Judge William R. Pounders

Judge Michael S. Mink

Judge John Fisher


Judge Robert L. Hess

Judge Curtis Rappe

Judge David M. Schacter

Judge Leland Harris

South Gate

Judge William Highberger

Judge Carol Rehm Jr.

Commissioner Kirkland Nyby

Judge Frank Johnson

Site Judge Gilbert M. Lopez

Judge Ernest Hiroshige

Judge Marsha N. Revel

Commissioner Dennis L. Shanklin

Judge Richard Kirschner

Judge Dennis A. Aichroth

Judge Marilyn L. Hoffman

Judge Kevin A. Ross

Commissioner Robert Applegate

Judge Karen Nudell

Commissioner Lonzo Lucas

Judge Richard C. Hubbell

Judge Rand S. Rubin


Judge Randy Rhodes


Judge Jane Johnson

Judge Michael T. Sauer

Glendale Court

Judge Darlene Schempp


Judge Marion J. Johnson

Judge Patricia Schnegg

Site Judge C. Edward Simpson

Judge Jessica P. Silvers

Site Judge Yvonne T. Sanchez

Judge Morris B. Jones

Judge Norm Shapiro

Judge Partick Hegarty

Judge Kathryne A. Stoltz

Judge Margaret M. Bernal

Judge Brett C. Klein

Judge Norman Tarle

Judge Laura A. Matz

Judge Barry A. Taylor

Judge Lisa B. Lench

Judge Carolyn B. Kuhl

Judge Patricia J. Titus

Judge William D. Stewart

Judge Debre Katz Weintraub

Judge Daniel Ramirez

Judge Owen Lee Kwong

Judge Michael A. Tynan

Judge Charles W. Stoll

Commissioner Mitchell Block

Commissioner Loren Frank

Judge Marvin Lager

Judge Craig Veals

Commissioner Steve Lubell

Commissioner Michael M. Duffey

Commissioner Gerald N. Mansfield

Judge Malcolm Mackey

Judge Richard F. Walmark

Commissioner Steven Monette

Commissioner Rebecca Elder


Judge Jon M. Mayeda

Judge Fred Wapner


Commissioner Harold S. Vites


Judge Barbara A. Meiers

Judge David Wesley


Commissioner Martin Wegman


Judge Rita Miller

Judge Laurie Zelon

Supervising Judge


Supervising Judge Eric C. Taylor

Judge David L. Minning

Commissioner Joseph S. Biderman

Mary Thornton House


Assistant Supervising Judge

Judge Aurelio Munoz

Commissioner Paul M. Enright

Assistant Supervising Judge

Supervising Judge

Mark S. Arnold

Judge Mary Ann Murphy

Commissioner Jeffrey Harkavy

Teri Schwartz

Bradford L. Andrews


Judge Rodney E. Nelson

Commissioner Mitchel J. Harris


Assistant Supervising Judge


Judge Gregory O’Brien

Commissioner Christina Hill


James L. Wright

Judge Mark S. Arnold

Judge S. James Otero

Commissioner Melissa Widdifield

Judge Phillip J. Argento


Judge Laura Ellison

Judge Victor H. Person


Judge Leslie E. Brown

Long Beach

Judge Dudley W. Gray II

Judge Mel Red Recana

Central Arraignment

Judge Barbara Lee Burke

Judge Bradford L. Andrews

Judge Bob T. Hight

Judge Andria Richey

Site Judge C. H. Rehm

Judge J. Michael Byrne

Judge Deborah B. Andrews

Judge Francis J. Hourigan

Judge Frances Rothschild

Commissioner Nancy S. Gast

Judge Janice C. Croft

Judge Kenneth A. Black

Judge Andrew C. Kauffman

Judge Teresa Sanchez-Gordon

Commissioner Donald S. Kennedy

Judge Joseph F. DeVanon, Jr.

Judge Joan Comparet-Cassani

Judge Jean Matusinka

Judge John P. Shook

Commissioner Kristi Lousteau

Judge Mary Thornton House

Judge Joseph DiLoreto

Judge Deanne Smith Myers

Judge Ronald M. Sohigian


Judge Judson W. Morris, Jr.

Judge Gary J. Ferrari

Judge Cary E. Nishimoto

Judge Michael C. Solner

Metropolitan Court

Judge Jan A. Pluim

Judge Margaret Hay

Judge Jesse Rodriguez

Judge Fumiko H. Wasserman

Supervising Judge-Traffic,

Judge Michelle R. Rosenblatt

Judge Arthur Jean

Judge Thomas R. Sokolov

Judge Thomas L. Wilihite Jr.

Site Judge Sam Ohta

Judge Teri Schwartz

Judge Mark Kim

Judge Eric C. Taylor

Judge Alexander Williams III

Judge Henry Barela

Judge C. Edward Simpson

Judge John D. Lord

Judge Sandra A. Thompson

Judge David A. Workman

Judge Anne H. Egertorn

Judge Terry Smerling

Judge Richard W. Lyman, Jr

Commissioner Douglas G. Carnahan

Judge George Wu

Judge John A. Kronstadt

Judge Coleman A. Swart

Judge Patrick T. Madden

Commissioner Brad Fox


Judge Charlaine Olmedo

Commissioner Louise Halevy

Judge Peter J. Mirich

Commissioner John A. Slawson

Regular Civil Limited Pool

Judge Charles Palmer

Commissioner Preciliano Recendez

Judge Tracy T. Moreno

Commissioner Glenda Veasey

Assistant Supervising Judge

Judge Charles G. Rubin

Commissioner Collette N. Serio

Judge Tomson T. Ong


S. James Otero

Commissioner Gary L. Bindman

Commissioner Nori Anne Walla

Judge Richard R. Romero


Judge David Doi

Commissioner John W. Green

Pasadena Juvenile Court

Judge Charles D. Sheldon

Site Judge John Meigs

Judge Carol Boas Goodson

Commissioner Roger Ito

Judge Raymond Mireles

Judge Judith Vander Lans

Judge Deborah Christian

Judge Susan E. Isacoff

Commissioner Robert Kawahara

Commissioner Robert Leventer

Judge James L. Wright

Judge Eudon Ferrell

Judge Marion J. Johnson

Commissioner Sanjay T. Kumar


Commissioner John Chemeleski

Judge Rodney Forneret

Judge Breu C. Klein

Commissioner MIchael Levanas


Commissioner Douglas M. Haigh

Judge Deirdre Hill

Judge Teresa Sanchez-Gordon


Site Judge Candace J. Beason

Commissioner George Kalinski

Judge Kenji Machida

Judge Michael C. Solner

Hollywood Court

Judge Nancy Brown

Commissioner John H. Ing

Judge Vincent JH. Okamoto

Commissioner Gary Bounds

Site Judge Leslie A. Swain

Judge John L. Martinez

Commissioner Ralph R. Olson

Commissioner John R. Johnson

Commissioner William Dodson

Judge H. Chester Horn Jr

Judge Jacqueline Nguyen

Commissioner Thomas Parrott

Commissioner Richard Novak

Commissioner Vcitor H. Greenberg

Judge Spurgeon E. Smith

Judge Frederick R. Rotennerg


Commissioner William R. Torres

Commissioner Murray Gross


Judge Carlos A. Uranga

Long Beach Juvenile Court


Commissioner Barry D. Kohn

East Los Angeles Court

Commissioner Armando V. Moreno

Judge Gibson Lee

Beach Cities

Commissioner Bruce Mitchell

Site Judge Richard E. Rico


Judge Marcus O. Tucker

Judge Ramona G. See

Commissioner Stanford Reichert

Judge Joseph A. Brandolino

Santa Anita


Judge Lois A. Smaltz


Judge Yvette Palazuelos

Commissioner Michael J. Duffy


Judge William G. Willett

Class Actions and Eminent Domain Pretrial

Judge Jose I. Sandoval


Judge Peter J. Mirich


Commissioner Bruce Mitchell

Judge William N. Sterling





Commissioner David Sotelo

Supervising Judge Alice C. Hill

San Pedro

Supervising Judge Alan B. Haber

Central Civil West


Assistant Supervising Judge

Site Judge James B. Pierce

Assistant Supervising Judge

Assistant Supervising Judge

Juvenile Court

Michael Farrell

Judge William Weisman

Linda K. Lefkowitz

Carolyn Kuhl

Presiding Judge Michael Nash


Judge Elizabeth Allen White


Managing Judge Peter D. Lichtman

Dependency Court Supervising Judge

San Fernando Court

Commissioner Beverly E. Mosley

Santa Monica

Assistant Managing Judge

Emily A. Stevens

Judge Ronald Coen


Judge Valerie Baker

Charles W. McCoy

Judge David Doi

Judge John P. Farrell


Judge James A. Bascue

Judge Victoria Chaney

Judge John Henning

Judge John Michael Farrell

Supervising Judge John Cheroske

Judge Patricia L. Collins

Judge Anthony J. Mohr

Judge Margaret Henry

Judge Harvey Giss

Assistant Supervising Judge

Judge Jacqueline A. Connor

Judge Wendell Mortimer, Jr.

Judge Veronica McBeth

Judge Warren G. Greene

Jack W. Morgan

Judge Paul G. Flynn

Judge Carl West

Judge Philip L. Soto

Judge Alice C. Hill


Judge Terry B. Friedman


Judge S. Patricia Spear

Judge Elizabeth A. Lippett


Judge Alan B. Haber

Central Civil West Family Law

Commissioner Albert Garcia

Judge Charles Peven

Judge Paul A. Bacigalupo

Judge Bernard J. Kamins

Commissioner James Copelan

Commissioner Stanley Genser

Judge Barbara Scheper

Judge William P. Barry

Judge Linda K. Lefkowitz

Commissioner John Ladner

Commissioner Thomas E. Grodin

Judge Harold J. Schwab

Judge Victoria M. Chavez

Judge Robert M. Letteau

Commissioner Roberta Lee

Commissioner Mitchell Joel Harris

Judge Shari K. Silver

Judge John Cheroske

Judge Richard Neidorf

Commissioner Marshall Rieger

Commissioner Debra L. Losnick

Judge Meredith C. Taylor

Judge Gary Daigh

Judge Lorna Parnell

Commissioner H. M. Webster

Commissioner Marilyn Mackel

Judge L. Jeffrey Wiatt

Judge Ellen C. DeShazer

Judge John H. Reid


Commissioner Marilyn Kading Martinez

Commissioner Martin Galdstein

Judge John T. Doyle

Judge Gerald Rosenberg

Family Law


Commissioner Patricia Ito

Judge Dean E. Farrar

Judge Diana M. Wheatley

Supervising Judge Aviva Bobb

Eastlake Juvenile Court

Commissioner Gerald T. Richardson

Judge Kelvin D. Filer

Commissioner Roberta H. Kyman

Assistant Supervising Judge

Judge Rudolph Diaz

Commissioner Robert W. Zakon

Judge Josh M. Fredricks

Commissioner Donna Groman

John H. Sandoz

Judge Clifford Klein


Judge Gary Hahn

Commissioner Bobbi Tillmon

Judge Richard E. Denner

Commissioner Carol Hallowitz

San Fernando Juvenile Court

Judge Rose Hom


Judge Ann I. Jones

Commissioner Patrick Larkin

Judge Morton Rochman

Judge Jerry E. Johnson


Judge Luis A. Lavin


Commissioner Jack Gold

Judge Marlene Kristovich

Site Judge Lawrence J. Mira

Judge Joanne O’Donnell

Inglewood Juvenile Court

Commissioner Gary A. Polinsky

Judge Xenophon F. Lang, Jr.

Judge Cesar C. Sarmiento

Judge John W. Ouderkirk

Judge Robert Mackey

Commissioner Robert Totten

Judge Arthur M. Lew

Commissioner Terry Adamson

Judge Roy L. Paul

Commissioner Wayne Denton


Judge Jack W. Morgan


Judge Marjorie Steinberg


Chatsworth Court

Judge Ronald Skyers

Beverly Hills

Judge Rolf M. Treu

Los Padrinos Juvenile Court

Site Judge Micharl Knight

Judge Steven Suzukawa

Site Judge Lisa Hart Cole

Commissioner MItchell L. Beckloff

Judge Philip K. Mautino

Judge Melvin Sandvig

Judge Thomas Townsend

Judge Judith Abrams

Commissioner Richard A. Curtis

Judge Tammy Chung Ryu

Judge Robert Schuit

Judge Allen J. Webster

Judge Elden S. Fox

Commissioner Ann Dobbs


Commissioner Richard L. Brand

Commissioner A. Michael Kautz

Judge Richard A. Stone

Commissioner James Endman


Commissioner Daniel Calabro

Commissioner Randall Pacheco

Commissioner Hugh Bobys

Commissioner Reva Goetz

Supervising Judge George Genesta

Commissioner Martin E. Green

Commissioner Ron Slick


Commissioner Anthony Jones

Assistant Supervising Judge


Commissioner Diana Summerhayes

Culver City

Commissioner Timothy Murphy

Robert M. Martinez

Santa Clarita Court


Site Judge Joe W. Hilberman

Commissioner Robert A. Schnider


Site Judge Lloyd Nash


Commissioner Ralph Amado


Pomona South

Judge Floyd V. Baxter

Judge Dean Farrar



Judge Conrad R. Aragon

Judge Cynthia Ulfig

Judge Xenophon F. Lang Jr.

West Los Angeles

Assistant Supervising Judge

Judge George Genesta

Commissioner Kevil Martin


Site Judge Rosemary Shumsky

Thomas W. Stoever

Judge Philip Gutierrez


Compton Juvenile Court

Judge Allan J. Goodman

Commissioner H. Ronald Hauptman

Judge Charles Horan


Judge Irma Brown

Judge John L. Segal


Judge Jack P. Hunt

Supervising Judge Steven D. Ogden

Commissioner Victor Greenberg

Commissioner Stephen A. Leventhal

Mental Health

Judge Karl Jaeger

Assistant Supervising Judge


Commissioner John T. Rafferty

Assistant Supervising Judge Fred J. Fujioka

Judge Bruce F. Marrs

Frank Y. Jackson

David Kenyon Juvenile


Judge John Shepard Wiley Jr.

Judge Robert M. Martinez


Justice Center


Commissioner David A. Ziskrout

Judge Peter J. Meeka

Lancaster Court

Commissioner H. Kirkland Jones

Site Judge James Brandlin


Judge R. Bruce Minto

Judge Martin Herscovitz


Judge Antonio Barreto, Jr.

Writs and Receivers

Judge Mark Grant Nelson

Judge Richard E. Naranjo


Judge Keith L. Groneman

Managing Judge Dzintra Janavs

Judge Michael L. Stern

Judge Steven D. Ogden

Supervising Judge Chris Conway

Judge T. K. Herman

Judge David Yaffe

Judge Gloria White-Brown

Judge Rafael A. Ongkeko

Assistant Supervising Judge

Judge Paula Adele Mabrey


Commissioner Guillermina Byrne

Judge Pamela R. Rogers

Peter Espinoza

Judge Katherine Mader

Appellate Division

Commissioner Richard D. Hughes

Judge Randolph Rogers


Judge Robert P. O’Neill

Presiding Judge William C. Beverly, Jr.

Commissioner Wade Olson

Judge Alan S. Rosenfield


Judge William_C. Ryan

Judge Susan E. Isacoff


Judge Thomas R. White

Judge William J. Birney

Judge Stephanie Sautner

Judge Charles Lee

Pomona South Juvenile Court

Commissioner Cathrin DeVoe

Judge Chris Conway

Judge Keith L. Schwartz

Judge Patti Jo McKay

Judge Daniel S. Lopez


Judge Michael Cowell

Judge Steven Van Sicklen



Palmdale Court

Judge Peter Espinoza

Commissioner Mark Zuckman

Central Criminal

Pomona North

Judge John P. Doyle

Judge Dewey L. Falcone


Supervising Judge

Supervising Judge Francis Gately

Judge Frank Y. Jackson

Judge Brian F. Gasdia


Dan T. Oki (Dept. 100 Master Calendar)

Judge Thomas A. Peterson

Judge Mark Juhas

Judge Philip H. Hickok


Assistant Supervising Judge

Judge Reginald Yates

Commisssioner Michael Convey

Judge Robert Higa


David Wesley

Commissioner Martin L. Goetsch

Ciommissioner Victor Reichman

Judge Larry S. Knupp


Assistant Supervising Judge -

Commissioner Marc Lauper


Judge Thomas I. McKnew Jr.


Misdemeanor Judge Carol Rehm Jr.

Commissioner Anthony Peters

Antelope Valley Juvenile Court

Judge Patrick T. Meyers


Judge Jacob Adajian


Judge Christopher Estes



Judge Alice E. Altoon

Pomona North Juvenile Court




Judge Tricia Ann Bigelow

Commissioner Martha Bellinger




Judge Bob S. Bowers Jr.

Commissioner Tia Fisher




Judge Kevin Brown





















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