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Monday, October 1, 2001


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Davis Signs State Wage Package That May, or May Not, Raise Judges’ Pay


By a MetNews Staff Writer


Gov. Gray Davis signed a wage package Friday giving a boost in take-home pay to state employees, but it was too early to determine whether judicial pay will go up because of it.

Judges’ raises are pegged to state employee raises, but the package of four bills signed into law by Davis boosts pay in part by trimming the percentage paid by workers into their retirement plans.

The question of whether the resulting increase qualifies to trigger the statutory judicial pay adjustment must be answered by Marty Morgenstern, the director of the state Department of Personnel Administration.

A department spokeswoman said Morgenstern has not yet made the determination, which must follow statutory guidelines.

Morgenstern was unavailable for comment.

Judicial Council lobbyist Ray LeBov said it was too early to tell which way the director was leaning.

If judges do get a pay raise, it will automatically trigger a similar raise for the Los Angeles County supervisors and for the mayor, city attorney, controller and council members in the city of Los Angeles.


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